The project Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas in Mediterranean countries (YERAME – 101093212 – Erasmus + Capacity Building) brings together six like-minded organizations coming from different regions but with similar future challenges ahead. The organizations INNOHIVE (Greece), Defoin (Spain), CEIPES (Italy), FHIRD (Tunisia), PCS (Palestine) and MYF (Egypt) have met for the first Transnational meeting, discussing the set of actions the project’s goals in the coming years.  

YERAME has been conceived with the ambition to increase the capacity to provide learning opportunities for entrepreneurial skills of organisations working with young people in rural areas. The project will be structured in the following way: 

  • Production of 6 country reports culminating into single document showcasing the best rural entrepreneurial practices as well as the challenges met by youth in rural areas; 
  •  A well-rounded mentorship program entailing all the necessary tools to successfully conceive and implement entrepreneurial ideas in rural areas; 
  • A transnational contest when young people will have the chance to test their business model before an independent jury that will assign a prize. 

The partnership discussed the activities to be carried out during the project’s timeline, and has agreed that in the short-term the organization FHIRD, strong of its methodological research knowledge, will lead first objective of setting the guidelines to produce the six national country reports in cooperation with all partners.

The reports will be precious for the preparation of the mentorship program that will start from September in Madrid!