Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas and Mediterranean Countries

About Us

The project aims to tackle depopulation in the Euro Mediterranean rural areas, which have become increasingly emptied of the necessary youth to foster economic development, access to services, and connectivity. The aging and decline of the population is one of the greatest future challenges facing the European Union, and since rural areas represent the vast majority of the territory involved, YERAME has been crafted with the scope to increase the capacity to provide learning opportunities for entrepreneurial skills of organizations working with young people in rural areas. The project is expected to improve the entrepreneurial skills of the rural youth of Mediterranean region, so as to promote the creation of sustainable businesses that can therefore tackle the depopulation those areas are suffering



youth rural entrepreneurship good practices that will be accessible under a Creative Common Licence as Open Educational Resources, both by those youth involved and interested in the topic. 


youth workers, job counsellors & young people



knowledge & use of the EntreComp framework in EU & third countries; 


knowledge of EU entrepreneurship programs. 


EU Youth Objective 6: Advance rural youth 


cooperation & cohesion between youth organizations from different areas of the Mediterranean (EU and non-EU). 




Research on Youth Rural Entrepreneurship. Well look at good practices & Innovative & successful youth rural businesses that could be inspirational & transferable. 



Develop a Youth Rural Entrepreneurship training programme in rural areas, including: 

  • EntreTOT (Training of Trainers on EntreComp framework) for at least 12 youth workers/ job counsellors. 
  • Youth Rural Entrepreneurship Training Course will be developed and piloted with 60 potential youth entrepreneurs. 
  • Holding Virtual exchange sessions. 

Business Idea

Develop a Mentored Youth Rural Entrepreneurship program. Each country will support young people developing their business idea & will hold a national contest with 3 prices. 


The expected results of the project can be divided into short, medium and long term. While the shortterm impact will be measured at the end of the project, both the medium and long term impacts will depend both on the success of the project (specially related to the creation of new business) as well as the appropriateness of the exploitation activities


In the short term, the project’s expected concrete impact is:

  • To have trained 12 youth workers in the practical application of the EntreComp Framework 
  • To have trained at least 60 young people in the 15 entrepreneurial competences 
  • To have helped financially and through the mentoring programme 18 future entrepreneurs 
  • The creation of at least 18 new business ideas  started by young people rural areas 

In the medium term the project expects that:

  • At least 30% of the businesses created are still running and financially viable. 
  • The entrepreneurial competences’ training is incorporated into the partner organizations regular activities, as well as in other local entities. 
  •  New business ideas are implemented and new enterprises are created after young people receive training and mentorship support with the materials produced by the project. 

In the long term the expected results are:

The expected long term impact of the project is that the businesses created both during the project lifetime and afterwards help stabilize the young local population of the rural areas involved (since they will not need to emigrate). The project partners also expect that, in the long run, this project will be key in the economic development of the rural areas that will be part of the project. 


National Guide on successful experiences in youth entrepreneurship

Research on Successful Youth Rural Entrepreneurship initiatives in rural areas from the participant countries and inspiring cases at international level. Data collected through field research and the deliverable synthesizes the findings, the challenges and the opportunities of young entrepreneurs in rural areas.


Mapping of good practices

The deliverable includes stories of successful entrepreneurs and the findings caprured by interviews, case studies and in-depth analysis of their practices. Through the research, partners examine the impact of these projects on local communities and economies in recognition of their contribution to overall rural development.


EntreComp Guide

A guide for youth workers based on the EntreComp framework adapted to the rural youth stakeholders and a proposal of activities on each of the 15 competences of EntreComp.


Youth Rural Entrepreneurship Course

A 14-unit course designed to learn the basics of entrepreneurship in rural areas and tailored for young aspiring entrepreneurs


Youth Rural Entrepreneurship Pilot Training


EntreComp Guide

EntreComp Guide

The YERAME consortium is proud to announce the third deliverable EntreComp Guide produced within ERASMUS + project. The EntreComp framework is a reference framework for Entrepreneurship Competences developed  by the European Commission. The framework consists of 3...