The YERAME consortium is proud to announce the third deliverable EntreComp Guide produced within ERASMUS + project.

The EntreComp framework is a reference framework for Entrepreneurship Competences developed 

by the European Commission. The framework consists of 3 competence areas, 15 competencies, an 

8-level progression model and a comprehensive list of 442 learning outcomes. 

The guide is divided into the following areas: 

  • Area 1: Ideas and opportunities; 
  • Area 2: Resources; 
  • Area 3: Into action. 

The EntreComp provides a thorough Entrepreneurial Competence Framework. Moreover, the EntreComp Progression model enables the participant/ student/ entrepreneur to realise what are the 

levels of proficiency to each competence, and to be aware of the direction and projection for improvement. Besides, it can inspire youth workers, and job counselors to adapt their sessions according to the level of performance in each competence of their group. 

You can access the full Guide at the following here.  

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